About Us

When our founder, Chris Vaughan, developed the concept of the MBizCard, THE Mobile Business Card, in 2012, he knew there needed to be a company whose focus could incorporate the development and marketing of that service. In 2013, what has been know for nearly 7 years as MBizTools, LLC was formed. The driving force behind MBizTools was a series of software solutions using the MBiz brand name.

However, late in 2019, we realized that the MBizTools name was limiting us as we tried to share with others the various services we offered, outside of providing the MBizTools to users throughout the country. Chris Vaughan is a teacher at heart and has been consulting a number of organizations on topics ranging from Branding, Cloud-Based Software, Smartphones and Tablets, and Strategic Planning. The scope of these services expanded beyond the mission of MBizTools and for that reason, CKV Solutions was born. Effective January 1, 2020, CKV Solutions, LLC is the official name of our company.

Our Mission

To provide professional service providers with resources enabling them to enhance their brand and utilize technology in a manner that optimizes their efficiency.

Our Team

Over the last seven years, we have added a number of team members and strategic partners that can assist with your various business growth needs. Whether you need coaching, graphic design or another specialty service, or just some administrative assistance, the CKV Team is ready to assist.

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